SF-2 Boundary BearingsZhejiang Fengli Drive Technology Co., Ltd.


SF-2 type material is POM plastic filled PTFE modified surface layer of the three-tier self-lubricating composite material, which is a benign boundary lubrication material, and therefore particularly suitable for high load low speed rotational movement, the rocking motion and frequently open and close under load and difficult to form hydrodynamic lubrication of bearings, thrust washer only, slider, tees and other friction parts. SF-2 can fully utilize trace grease lubrication under boundary lubrication conditions without refueling for long-term maintenance. Completely oil-free condition, SF-2 friction properties and allows the PV value is low, it is often in rolling out the storage pit plastic surface, coated with lithium grease or silicone grease, etc. during assembly.


Trolley, crane, truck crane, forest machinery, packaging machinery, construction machinery, hydraulic motors, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, metallurgy Machinery, hydraulic machinery, steam locomotive, steel rolling industry.
When the assembly is coated with grease (such as lithium grease or silicone grease, etc.), SF-2 bushing life, with the work of the PV value in which the upper and lower, such as when the PV value of 2.5MPam / s or so, Its service life is about 200 hours, and when the PV value of 0.1MPa-m / s, its service life can be more than 10,000 hours.