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FB08G Solid Bearings is based on JF800 bimetallic material for the matrix, the alloy layer embedded in a special solid lubricant made of new thin-walled Solid Bearings. Due to the use of high-strength bearing material for the matrix, the ideal filler material for the wear agent, a reasonable diamond-shaped block lubrication design, lubrication area of 25% or more, therefore, can play a good lubricity and wear resistance.
Products have been used in automotive gearbox, generators, lifts, cranes and metallurgical machinery industries.

Technical Parameters

Data Code FB08G
Material Steel+ CuPb10Sn10+Graphite
Applications   Products suitable for starting motor machinery.
Max Load Capacity P N/mm²   140
Max Line Speed V Grease Lubrication m/s 2.5
Fluid Lubrication m/s -
PV Value Limit Grease Lubrication m/s N/mm²·m/s 2.8
Fluid Lubrication m/s N/mm²·m/s -
Friction Coefficient u Grease Lubrication 0.05~0.15
Fluid Lubrication -
Mating Axis Hardness HRC ≥53
Roughness Ra 0.32~0.63
Working Temperature℃ Grease Lubrication 150
Fluid Lubrication -
Alloy Layer Hardness HB   60~90
Thermal Conductivity W/mk   47
Coefficient Of Linear Xpansion   18×10-6/K
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