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SF-1 Oilless Bearings metal composite materials to high-quality low-carbon steel substrate, sintered porous spherical copper powder layer, the surface rolled to the PTFE-based material as a wear-resistant lubricating the bearing layer, this material has excellent mechanical load carrying capacity intermediate copper layer can not only timely transfer of heat generated in the bearing during operation, but also improves the bonding strength of the plastic layer and the substrate. PTFE designed for completely dry friction state, and according to lubrication, friction coefficient and durability requirements to develop a variety of materials. Terios metal of PTFE composites under external lubrication or non-lubricated, can provide the best performance in the widest range of load, speed and temperature range.


1) "running-in" stage: PTFE surface layer of the mixture was transferred to the surface to fill the dual dual surface pits and form a lubricating film. 2) "stability" wear stage: The running-into frictional friction PTFE between its low and stable friction coefficient, low wear rate material smoothly. 3) "sharp" wear stage: the porous layer, the pores of the PTFE lubricant consumption, the interface can not be obtained between the friction sufficient amount of lubricant. Poor lubrication between the friction surfaces, a rapid increase in the coefficient of friction, wear rate has accelerated dramatically.

The Main Factors Affecting Life

1) Effect of PV value: PV value is to determine the effective index SF-1 wear life. If you require longer life, PV values must be reduced.
2) Influence of ambient temperature: The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the life of SF-1.
3) Effect of dual member: Duality pieces of alloy steel or hard chromium plated shafts, surface roughness Ra = within the range of 0.4 to 0.63, SF-1 bearing life can be significantly improved.