FB-09G Bronze BushingZhejiang Fengli Drive Technology Co., Ltd.


FB-09G Bronze Bushing is based on bronze Material for the substrate, the surface is made of solid lubricant embedded. Due to the higher elongation of the copper alloy Material as the matrix, it can be made into a special thin rolling sleeve, coupled with the ideal filler Material for the lubricant.
So the product used in automotive transmission shaft as a wear-resistant sleeve, can also be used in other occasions without oil lubrication.

Technical Parameters

Data Code FB-09G
Material CuSn8P+(Qsn8-0.3+graphite)
Applications   Products are widely used in starting motor hoist, engineering machinery, automobiles, trucks, tractors and soon.
Density g/cm³   8.8
Max Load Capacity N/mm²   120
Max Line Speed V Grease Lubrication m/s 2.5
PV Value Limit Grease Lubrication N/mm²·m/s 2.8
Tensile Strength N/mm²   >460
Yield Strength N/mm²   >280
Hardness HB   90~150
Friction Coefficient u   0.03~0.1
Mating Axis Hardness HRC ≥50
Roughness Ra 0.4~1.0
Working Temperature ℃   -40~+125
Thermal Conductivity W/mk   58
Coefficient Of Linear Xpansion   18.5×10-6/K
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