JF-700 Bimetal BearingsZhejiang Fengli Drive Technology Co., Ltd.


JF-700 Bimetal Bearings is based on steel plate, the surface sintered CuPb30Material products. The production due to high lead content, so both good anti-bite axis and foreign body buried.
If the work surface is coated with soft alloy material, it can be used as the main bearing of internal combustion engine with high speed, medium and low load, connecting rod bushing and rocker arm bush.

Technical Parameters

Data Code jf-700
Material Steel+CuPb24Sn
Applications   Products applicable to high-speed, heavy-duty internal combustion engine shaft and gears.
Max Load Capacity P N/mm²   120
Max Line Speed V Grease Lubrication m/s 2.5
Fluid Lubrication m/s 10
PV Value Limit Grease Lubrication m/s N/mm²·m/s 2.8
Fluid Lubrication m/s N/mm²·m/s 10
Friction Coefficient u Grease Lubrication 0.05~0.15
Fluid Lubrication 0.04~0.12
Mating Axis Hardness HRC ≥45
Roughness Ra 0.32~0.63
Working Temperature ℃ Grease Lubrication 150
Fluid Lubrication 250
Alloy Layer Hardness HB   40~60
Thermal Conductivity W/mk   60
Coefficient Of Linear Xpansion   19×10-6/K
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