JF-20 High Tin Aluminum BearingZhejiang Fengli Drive Technology Co., Ltd.


JF-20 tin aluminum bearing Steel substrate, the surface roll AISn20Cu material products. The product has medium fatigue strength and load capacity, good corrosion resistance, good sliding properties and other characteristics.
The product commonly used for small and medium power internal combustion engine bearing, train engine bearings, bushings air finale machine, replace babbitt innovative products.

Technical Parameters

Data Code JF-20
Material Steel+AlSn20Cu
Applications   High speed, heavy load engine main shaft and air compressor, cooling machine.etc
Max Load Capacity P N/mm²   90
Max Line Speed V Grease Lubrication m/s -
Fluid Lubrication m/s 15
PV Value Limit Grease Lubrication m/s N/mm²·m/s -
Fluid Lubrication m/s N/mm²·m/s 8
Friction Coefficient u Grease Lubrication -
Fluid Lubrication 0.04~0.12
Mating Axis Hardness HRC ≥270
Roughness Ra 0.16~0.63
Working Temperature ℃ Grease Lubrication 150
Fluid Lubrication 250
Alloy Layer Hardness HB   30~40
Thermal Conductivity W/mk   47
Coefficient Of Linear Xpansion   18×10-6/K
In addition to the standard products shown in the catalog, you can also provide non-standard products or order according to customer requirements.